About Me.

Gail Barouh, Ph.D., was the President and Chief Executive Officer at LIAAC, the largest HIV/AIDS agency on Long Island, from its inception in May, 1986 to June 2017. LIAAC expanded services into other social problems and is the only mobile outreach testing service group on Long Island providing an information/crisis hotline. Services include mental health, substance abuse and other chronic diseases that disproportionately affect many racial, ethnic and low income individuals.

In 1998, Dr. Barouh founded and became CEO/Managing Director at LINCS, a non-profit committed to providing anti-bullying, anti-discrimination and alcohol/substance abuse community programs. LINCS built and manages a 30,000 sq. ft. building that is headquarters to other non-profit service agencies.

Dr. Barouh is an expert in support and bereavement groups for individuals and families who have experienced devastating losses of loved ones. She has been a long-term activist in the LGBTQ community advocating for anti-di…